With hot pepper

Salad, dip, less flavor snack it how line? Looks be like simple, do the trick

  • Soon,100 g
  • White sesame20 g
  • salt6 g
  • Rapeseed oil200 g


To prepare the raw material, looking for a heat resistant containers cayenne pepper


The white sesame in cayenne pepper


Add two teaspoons of salt, mix


Oil heat, add in rapeseed oil, and oil began to take a smoke, and if the master is bad to the oil temperature, can throw a grain of sesame, sesame, immediately turn to surface circling the tiny bubbles


Heat the oil pour into the bowl, pour while stirring, make the heated evenly, cool bottle can

Cooking techniques

A lot of practice with hot pepper, has put the octagon, geranium, Chinese prickly ash, some people think that taste is too heavy, I this is the basis of practice. Or personal preferences. Raw material also can increase or decrease with personal preferences.

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