Vegetable salad

This salad is simple, but with fresh, eat every day to eat not only vitamin supplements, can discharge poison to raise colour, get into the habit of each meal to eat vegetable salad, also can control appetite, lose weight, fully staffed.

  • lettuceThree slices
  • cucumber1 the root
  • OnionsHalf a
  • Red pepperHalf a
  • Bitter chrysanthemum1 small the
  • salt
  • Olive oil
  • Red vinegar
  • Black pepper

1.Ready to wash the raw materials, bitter, cucumber slices, lettuce, onion, red pepper cut article (vegetables can be arbitrary choice, the be fond of according to you)

2.Olive oil, red vinegar, salt and black pepper to taste

3.Olive oil and red vinegar ratio is 3:1, red vinegar can also with fruit vinegar or lemon vinegar, but do not use rice vinegar and mature vinegar, no fragrance and refreshing taste

4.Put good control dry wash vegetables in a salad basin

5.Pour oil vinegar sauce

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