Toothpick hairtail

Usually people will hairtail stewed or braised, be careful when eating or fish, especially young children or old man is easy to be tied to the bones. Today, I do the toothpick hairtail, not only don't have to worry about the bones, and we even ate the thorn, shark fin is rich in calcium, such nutrients; how can we lose? Hairtail meat because they have no bones, the elderly and children to eat fish. This kind of practice make hairtail wouldn't be wasted, also is a kind of save money how to eat? The following will learn together with me.

  • hairtail300 g
  • A toothpick15 the root
  • salt
  • Cooking wine
  • pepper
  • Cooking oil
  • Cumin powder
  • White sesame
  • Corn starch


Ingredients: hairtail and toothpicks


Will go head hairtail, viscera wash, use a knife along the bones will fish fillet, two sides of fish body


Cut the fish into the size of the segment, shark fin part is chopped into pieces


Barb section put a bowl, charging wine 2 g, 0.5 g of salt for 10 minutes


Fish into the bowl, charging wine 2 grams, 1 gram of salt and pepper for 10 minutes


Good pickled fish add corn starch, stir to mix well


Use a toothpick to put on fish


Wear a good fish


On hot pot add oil, oil fifty percent, join the bones


Fried golden brown, remove


On hot pot of oil fifty percent, according to the period of the size of the fish, down into the big fish put a small piece of Fried fish, when fish shape, catch fish


When the oil temperature rise to sixty percent hot again, after Fried fish paragraph, golden color, remove to plate and cumin powder and sesame seeds


The finished product

Cooking techniques

Shark fin, as long as a lot of times can remove to golden yellow, as the shark fin segment is crisp, can even eat yo. Fish to be after Fried, after Fried fish crisp delicious, can put a long time to eat and crunchy. Like spicy, can add some chili powder.

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