Toffee apple

The cold wire drawing, the temperature is very important, it can't pull out silk. At first I add too much water, leading to slurry is too rare would, then is too thick, taste felt a little bit short. This only is the basic of toffee apple

  • apple2
  • starch
  • eggs
  • White sugar
  • Vegetable oil

1.Preparation of materials: apple, sugar, egg, starch, apple abluent, peel them

2.Cut into the size of block. Set aside

3.Put the right amount of starch, the uniform egg game of shuttlecocks, hang apple pulp (not too thin, otherwise would)

4.Vegetable oil into the pan to fifty percent hot burning, small fire fry apple, pan-fry on both sides, remove and drain oil

5.Leave an appropriate amount of oil, not too much, into the prepared white sugar (sugar best more and apple at least the same amount)

6.When sugar change color, add apple piece, hang syrup, even after (pay attention to the temperature, in order to avoid sugar taste bitter)

Cooking techniques

1, the modulation of hanging paste don’t be too thin nor too thick, too thin would pulp, too thick taste bad;

2, the modulation of the starch water must use warm water, more fully to modulation;

3, Fried sugar when it is best to slowly fry over low heat, fully evenly coated syrup;

4, Fried sugar is best when sugar change color, add apple;

5, don’t boil sugar over a long period of time, in order to avoid has a bitter taste.

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