The sweet potato meatball

Eat more roughage is healthy, but every time will steamed greasy, change the pattern to adjust occasionally taste ah, today is the last approach, a simple but delicious sweet potato balls!

  • Sweet potatothree
  • flour
  • Rapeseed oil

1.Sweet potatoes peel cut into the steamer steaming rotten

2.Mash the strike will sweet potatoes with a spoon

3.Add a little flour. Mix well

4.Rub into a modest balls to spare

5.Burning in the rapeseed oil in pan to eighty percent after the heat down into balls

6.Fried golden

Cooking techniques

1, add flour or glutinous rice powder, sweet potato mud balls so easier to forming;

2, croquette pan Suggestions with deep some small pot, so that more fuel efficient;

3, if you don’t have enough sweetness can add some sugar.

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