The sugar lemon

Remember when I was a child, especially like the scent of lemon, but worry too sour lemon again, if only use lemon bubble water, total feel monotonous taste... At that time, mother always give me the sugar lemon, used to bubble water, sour, sweet, very good. Tip, the ratio of sugar food.

  • lemon2 (about 250 grams)
  • White granulated sugar150 g
  • salt


To prepare the ingredients. Prepare a clean sealed cans, lemon, salt, white granulated sugar.


Lemon abluent, sand wash with salt will surface.


With the kitchen towel, water wipe clean the skin.


Lemon slice.


Put a layer of white granulated sugar, sealed jar, put a layer of lemon.


Repeat steps 5 until the lemon and sugar used up.


Just fill a jar. Sealed cans, refrigerate, three days later, can take out the bubble water.


The sugar lemon.

Cooking techniques

Food glace method, is the use of high concentration of sugar solution as high drainage to prevent microbes breeding. So, the sugar concentration is in commonly 60%, more than 65%, I am here 250 g, lemon is used 60% concentration of 150 g sugar, if afraid of sweet, also can appropriate increase sweetness. However, this kind of food should be kept in sealed moisture conditions.

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