The streets of south Korean snacks spicy Fried rice cake

Spicy Fried rice cake is one of the most popular and well known Korean material in China!

  • Rice cake1 bag
  • OnionsLess than half a
  • carrotsLess than half the root
  • South Korean chili sauce
  • Soya sauce
  • sugar
  • salt
  • Stock or water boiled rice cakes


Rice cake first article pour into boiling water to boil, cook until the 5 to 6 minutes cooked put aside.


Hot pot put a moderate amount of oil, add chopped onion, carrot sticks (or vegetables) do you like Fried Fried!


Into permed and stir the rice cake, adding suitable amount of hot sauce, and other seasonings continue to fry! Add stock or just boiled the water of the rice cakes, boil, gathered to the juice.


To complete!
Sweet spicy sauce, deserve to go up the Q of rice cakes and refreshing vegetables! Super delicious ~! Is not greasy, as snacks and staple food is OK.

Cooking techniques

On the choice of Korean chili sauce:
I usually user chili sauce, very easy to get, supermarkets can buy almost.
Or to buy other Korean chili sauce, but don’t buy the sort of belt sour boarding add vinegar sauce, is not suitable for rice sauce and rice cake sauce modulation.

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