The family secret spiced beef

Meat is the highest protein content in animal meat, high protein, low fat, nutrition after fish and shrimp and other seafood. Homely besides, Fried, stew seditious, stuffing, etc., often eat a kind of practice is halogen, we are all known as sauce beef, actual sauce and halogen or distinguishing. Marinating sauce and made the difference between: one is material is different, marinating can use animal ingredients: such as beef, chicken, duck, viscera, etc., can also use a plant-based materials: such as bean curd cake, winter bamboo shoot, etc., and sauce is made mainly animal raw materials, concrete, animal meat, internal organs, bones, head, tail, etc; The second is marinating keep marinades, Use repeatedly and the old bittern (multiple) of halogen tastes better, so also the more valuable, and sauce sauce is used in the system is made, now finished sauce ingredients to put sauce thick watered on good bittern dishes. Sauce made of cooking methods popular in the north, and marinating cooking method is prevailing in the south, reason has "the south to north marinated sauce" Sauce products: the spices used on the high side, sauce taste thick, heavy spices. LuZhiPin: mainly use salt water, seasoning and spices amount is low, with lighter color. Marinating in the north is normally slightly darker in color, with a little bit of spice, This is also my travels. Spiced beef can deserve to go up staples and porridge for breakfast, wine can also be dinner time as a cold dish. During the Spring Festival is every family love to do something.

  • Bovine tendon1500 g
  • waterA moderate amount of
  • ginger
  • octagon
  • Chinese prickly ash
  • dill
  • cinnamon
  • Angelica dahurica
  • resurrectionlily
  • clove
  • The old pump
  • salt


Buying beef tendon, cutting into several large pieces of, I this is three catties, basically a kilo. Couldn’t cut, after the meat cooked will narrow, small fragile couldn’t cut the piece.
Soak in cold water for about half an hour, bubble out blood and water


Pot into the cold water, boil and cook for 15 minutes, sufficient water boiled bleeding


Remove to rinse with cold water and cold water soak for 10 minutes, make the meat tight, will not spread after cooked


Prepare ingredients


A pat spices into the material bags, ginger


Pot into the water did not beef, bring to a boil, add beef tendon


Add soy sauce


Put the ginger and the relish, to join old bittern (commonly known as the bisk, no no, the amount of soy sauce and salt will increase)


Add salt, the fire to medium and small fire stew boil, and meat with chopsticks can through. Turn off the heat, stuffy two or three hours then. If you have best boring night. In order to quickly, I put in the pressure cooker for 30 minutes, or an ordinary pot is best if you don’t try so hard


The juice, the fire to a small bowl of soup left, remove material package and ginger, marinades cool into the refrigerator as the bisk, next time again with direct to join the pan, sauce beef tastes more thick.
After remove to cool in the fridge frozen meat night better slice.


Sliced plate


Also can dip in a material juice.

Cooking techniques

1. Be sure to choose beef tendon, the most suitable for marinating;
2. Blanch beef pot with cold water, so as to fully remove blood spray and peculiar smell;
3. Blanch after water rinse with cold water and soak, can make meat more tight;
4. The flavor can be adjusted according to his be fond of;
5. Good marinating time and temperature to control, temperature is not bad chewy meat, and not the liquor; Temperature too no texture, and easy to cut up, the chopsticks can be easily inserted shall prevail;
6. Spiced beef after cold storage, easier to slice.
7. The remaining marinade to fully cool, in a clean glass containers, and the fridge freezer airtight preservation, can use repeatedly, the next time you use just add water and spices; If long time need not, need cryopreservation.
8. Older join old halogen halide, attention should be paid to the amount of salt and soy sauce, old bittern is very thick, more salty, color is darker.

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