Tea eggs

When I was young mother always burn tea eggs for me, and now it's my turn to burn tea eggs to the daughter, this is a kind of inheritance, is the flavor of the mother...

  • eggs15
  • octagon
  • cinnamon
  • Light soy sauce
  • The tea


Small fire boil eggs put water, and then continue to turn a small fire eight minutes later turn off the heat


The octagon cinnamon tea into the food bag




Open a small fire boiled to roll, then continue to turn a small fire boil, turn a lay eggs in the middle, so that uniform color flavor, cook for about 20 minutes after the fire the juice, such as basic juice to dry. Remove out of eating.

Cooking techniques

Eggshell knock the more the better, easily ruwei. With green tea tea oh, according to individual be fond of, like tea taste a bit stronger can put some more appropriately.

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