Tea eggs

Tea is a very ordinary folk street food, often to eat breakfast, do your own safety and health, the method is very simple, it's all right, you can do some enjoy it. Experts say phase grams of tea and eggs, and not with food, but no way, lie between period of time will be greedy, can only eat less.

  • eggseight
  • The tea15 g
  • octagon
  • cinnamon
  • Chinese prickly ash
  • fennel
  • geranyl
  • bandits
  • The old pump
  • salt


Ready to tea and spices


Boil the egg wash. (can use the pot to boil, I use the egg is very convenient.)


After the eggs boiled out, with the aid of a spoon or a shovel cracks on the surface of eggs


Put cold water pot, put spices and tea leaves in boiling


Broth boil add soy sauce and salt, put the eggs cooked together


Cover the pot, small and medium-sized fire simmer for 10 minutes turn off the heat, soaking more than 8 hours, eggs will occasionally can eat

Cooking techniques

1, the tea eggs the overnight flavor;
2, I am using tieguanyin tea, dear friends can choose their favorite tea;
3, spices can be added according to your own preferences and tastes.

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