Taiwan crispy small sausage

Coke in Taiwan crispy small intestine, Q deep sweet taste of children's favorite, is an indispensable a dish of wasn't table. Don't add preservatives and homemade small sausage improver delicious and healthy! Thanks for sharing the good prescription ~, both selflessness

  • pork1000 g
  • Soft sugar60 g
  • Cooking wine80 g
  • starch60 g
  • Clear water70 g
  • Sheep casing
  • Clear water
  • Five-spice powder
  • salt


Ready crispy small sausage ingredients, meat is pork shoulder meat, fat proportion of 1:9 or 2:8
Casing I choose is fine sheep casing, 1.8 2 cm specification may substitute with yellow rice wine and rice wine.


The pork, soft sugar, salt, cooking wine, spices into the basin


The meat sauce and stir with chopsticks


Add the right amount of water, stir


By several times with water to starch starch 70 grams of water (60 g)


Beat down a direction with chopsticks meat later, as I want to put the refrigerator for 1 hour. Set aside


The sheep casing is rinsed clean, with water soak 30 minutes (do not hang around too long or casing is easy to break)


Pour into the good taste of meat into sausage filler. Sheep casing, set in hand sausage filler funnel roots and casing knot the tail sealing


The meat evenly into the casing


Check im filling and good body, if there is air is sticked with thin needles, put off the air, the meat out well.


Every 10 cm, beat a knot with cotton thread, the sausage into the length of the need


Hung up to dry skin, it feels more hard


The pot boil water to 80 degrees, will throw sausage, low heat for 20 minutes or so, and sausage float off the fire


Scoop out the sausage, cool skin, freezing into the plastic bag. When eating, pour a small amount of oil in pan, Fried sausage to epidermis golden crisp

Cooking techniques

1, no filler used chopsticks and funnel recorded directly, need to have patience;
2, a small bag of fine sausage casing processing 6 jins, casing bubble to burn, use can use the kitchen paper moisture blot, sprinkle salt, put the freezer next time;
3, a short period of time can eat frozen slowly eat

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