Solution of greasy appetizers laba garlic

The story behind the dish ~ : bubble laba garlic is a mainly in the north, especially in north China of the han nationality traditional snack, eat custom is laba festival festival. This day in lunar calendar day to chip off garlic. Material is very simple, actually is vinegar and big SuanBanEr. Practice is extremely simple, put skinned SuanBanEr in a sealed jar, bottle container, such as, then stir in vinegar, seal flowing in a cold place. Slowly, the bubbles in vinegar, garlic will be green, finally will become perfect green, like a jadeite jade. Old Beijing people, once in the day, the atmosphere of Chinese New Year better than day by day, In most areas of north China in the day the day useful vinegar bubble is the custom of garlic, called laba garlic. As for the benefits of eating laba garlic is too much, you'd better check online.

  • garlic12 head
  • Rice vinegar2 bags


Prepare garlic, rice vinegar, bottles must be clean, no oil or water


First remove the skin, with clean hands, in turn, get rid of the thing


Germination, disability, knock against garlic singled out


Unwrap the garlic directly into the bottle, don’t wash


Pour the rice vinegar


Do not pour is too full of rice vinegar, lest the next day, there is a small amount of rice vinegar fermentation overflow.


Lid must put plastic wrap or a clean plastic bags, because vinegar is corrosive, lid life show, the taste will become worse


Cover, garlic so simple


This is the second day of laba garlic, look closely, you will see a small air bubbles


This is the third day of laba garlic


This is the fourth day of laba garlic


This is the sixth day of laba garlic, you can pick out the green to eat

Cooking techniques

Silk scarves warm prompt: do I laba garlic all 10 years, so many years of experience is make laba garlic must meet two conditions:
1, morning and evening temperature difference must be big;
2, must want to have plenty of sunshine during the day. (my house is the heating of the heat, the day [there be light and cold] on the balcony, on heating of the heat/warm evening, so that AB are satisfied). If does not meet the AB, so, you bubble of laba garlic is white, soft, taste bad, that white bubble. By the way, laba vinegar, vinegar spicy cabbage is super good vinegar, everybody can have a try, this dish is best not to eat greasy;
Also, you can consult: what I use is preserved bean curd bottles (340 grams), 4 garlic/bottle, half a bag of rice vinegar bottle. Don’t use vinegar, so bubble out black.

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