Shanghai old flavor sauce hairy crab, keeping the original flavor

Not yangcheng lake crab is good, why to live this life in suzhou, "said Mrs Zhang binglin Shang Guoli this verse is yangcheng lake crab is one of the most widely quote, visible suzhou is have a special liking to eat crab. Gu yanwu world guo-li shao disease out of the manuscript, the loss of more than two hundred years, one day be suzhou Wu Shine get to celebrities, a day of kunshan side and Wang Songwen also found this manuscript in the wu, because gu yanwu's kunshan thousand lamp, so think this manuscript should be retained in the thousands of lights Wu Na distinctions and generous, this is a great event, become a much-told story of shu Lin. The day happened to Wu Gushe crab feast, is also present, Novelist in the qing dynasty package smile day also in sit, do to the origin of "crab" explanation: "brake for word, every crab, between the harbor will set a brake, with bamboo weaving become. Every evening brake rear lights, crab saw flames climb bamboo brake, namely on the brake to catch one by one, very convenient, is the name of ZhaXie origin". Bamboo bamboo fence gate is inserted in the water, on the brake to catch crabs become ZhaXie, become bigger for hairy crab.

  • Hairy crab3 only
  • flour20 g
  • ginger2 slices
  • edamame1 two
  • The old pump
  • sugar
  • salt
  • Rice vinegar
  • Raw powder


With little hairy crabs.


Fry flour, then stir and raw powder, flour after a fire, no sticky, dip in with raw powder is to improve the sticky powder, the flour is can let the sauce thicker.


Wash cut crab, opens the mouth to place it with flour.


Mouth to devolve frying pan fry flour


In a sharp


Add soy sauce cook maotai-flavor pour water and edamame cooked.


The juice and pour into flour sauce thicken and raw powder modulation, pour some balsamic vinegar.
Pay attention to the thickness of the sauce.

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