Sesame salt

No snacks when I was a kid, my mother will be made sesame sesame salt for me, that time ate with relish, sweet and delicious, sesame salt as I was growing up, memorable. Today with a food processor, home do sesame salt is more convenient and quick, take time to do some sesame salt, used to cooking seasoning, to make the dish on the aroma and nutrients, you are free to join a try!

  • White sesameA moderate amount of
  • Black sesameA small amount of
  • salt


Prepare ingredients.


Deliver the supor steaming hot pot induction cooker frying pan clean, presses the button, cooking fire open to 6 files, will heat up a pan.


Add black and white sesame seeds.


Use a spatula to sesame evenly spread out, add a little salt.


Stirring constantly, until the thrum MMMM sesame, sesame fry fragrant, white sesame yellow slightly.


After cooling, cup grinding sesame seeds into the food machine, the electricity grinding a minute, if you want to grind more exquisite, can open the grinding cup, stir with chopsticks few sesame, and then continue to grind a minute.

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