Seafood sauce, chopped chicken

This sauce for dried shrimp, promoted the delicate flavors of the sauce, make delicious attractive, joker universal sauce, no matter you are to eat noodles, rice or steamed bread are set.

  • chicken500 g
  • Dried shrimp50 g
  • garlic2 disc
  • Onions1 a (230 g)
  • Bean paste
  • With black bean sauce
  • Sweet bean sauce
  • ketchup
  • octagon
  • geranyl
  • cinnamon


Finely chop the chicken, onion, minced garlic.


Dried shrimp with clear blister for 10 minutes.


Ready to need a sauce, bean paste in douban chop.


Lobster sauce chop.


Dried shrimp filter out chop and soak dried shrimp water retention.


Onion and chopped garlic.


Pour oil in the pan, add onion and garlic, Fried dry, get out.


Put some spices at home, such as anise, bay leaf, cassia, etc., the fragrance filled with dried shrimp, feel big bubble smaller bubble, Fried dry moisture content of dried shrimp, so we can get rid of the smell, improve freshness.


Add in chopped chicken, Fried dry.


Add sauce and lobster sauce, add rock sugar (it is ok that the right amount add), and stir-fry until oil into red.


Pour water to soak dried shrimp.


Add cooked Onions and garlic, small fire slowly boil for 30 minutes.


Midway can turn a few times, in order to avoid the paste pot, delicious seafood sauce is good.

Cooking techniques

Ingredients: 500 g chicken 50 g dried shrimp 2 (125 g) 1 onion garlic (230 g)
Seasonings: 100 grams of chili red oil tempeh 50 grams of flour paste 25 g ketchup 25 grams (ratio of 4:2:1:1)
Ingredients: star anise 2 geranyl 3 piece of cinnamon 1 piece of a small amount of rock candy
1, can first Fried garlic, garlic color take it up, and then Fried Onions, fragrant.
2, can add some dried tangerine or orange peel when boil sauce and water to soak dried tangerine or orange peel (chef), it is said that this summer ate not irritated, I don’t put.
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