Rock sugar orange peel

Winter is the season of eat grapefruit, orange, orange, sour and sweet and tasty, adult children love to eat. Finished leather actually is a good thing oh, dry can do Chinese traditional medicine, it can make candied fruit, food and qi, throat runfei.

  • Orange peelA number of
  • Rock sugar300 g
  • Cranberry sauce


Usually eat the dried citrus peel off and on, to collect a certain amount to put the basin for three days and three nights, change water every day, to change water drain.


Cut bubble good orange peel squeezed dry, article, into the casserole add water to a boil. Turn off the heat for a few minutes, pour out the water, cool and then drain.


Add cranberry sauce, salt and water, the fire boil, change a small fire, into the orange skin soft.


Add rock sugar, continue to boil over low heat, use the spoon stir constantly, prevent the bottom of the paste. Liquid heat cool become thick.


Tangerine skin cool after installed in the bottle, put the refrigerator. Bottles must be clean, dry with kitchen paper.

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