Rob with celery black bean

Today do the spicy celery black bean mix special simple, light and refreshing taste, spicy meat dishes in a large table in the special high demand, is also a kitchen a novice to do handy vegetables, potatoes and blanch celery silk water cooler, is spicy chilli oil is ok, don't have to scramble to afraid of being hot oil splashed onto the arm and hand.

  • potatoes1
  • celeryHalf a
  • Dry red chilli
  • Chinese prickly ash
  • Big green
  • Monosodium glutamate
  • ginger
  • salt
  • Peanut oil


Wash potatoes peeled, wash celery break to remove old silk


Celery oblique knife, shred it can cut off the old silk, celery celery crisp Fried


Potatoes cut wire or wire brush, with water elutriation several times, wash starch, onion spicy ginger finely chopped respectively put onion ginger (or not directly also delicious spicy Chinese prickly ash hot pepper oil)


The pot to boil water to scoop out celery steam iron for a moment


Continue to water to boil to blanch barbecue to break out


The celery after the potatoes into cold water to cool dry moisture control


Frying pan heat oil, put Chinese prickly ash saute the onion after hot pepper and saute ginger after turn off the fire


The celery into the barbecue, add salt, MSG can mix well


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