Roasted quail eggs

Small thulium said in front of the programmer is also a love to eat eggs a risk-averse, but with thulium age and occupation, I was trying to control his daily cholesterol intake. Two days before buy vegetables, boss enthusiasm to recommend a new quail eggs. Baidu said that while the quail egg protein, fat and eggs, but it contains lecithin and cephalin three to four times higher than eggs fully, especially for programmers, this kind of students use their brains more people. And 2.5 times of the riboflavin content of quail eggs is eggs, office gens of spends all her time at the computer vision, also have very good protection effect.

  • Quail eggs400 g
  • aniseed
  • cinnamon
  • Chinese prickly ash
  • geranyl
  • amomum
  • ginger
  • Dry red chilli
  • Organic soy sauce
  • Yellow rice wine
  • White sugar
  • salt


Quail egg wash away the dust, in the cold water pot, fire boil turn a small fire boil for 5 minutes after turn off the heat like 5 to 10 minutes.


Boiled quail eggs time ready to ginger and various spices, organic combine soy sauce, rice wine, sugar and salt.


Cooked quail eggs out of shower, use cold water ice water control in five minutes. One by one the skins ke is the crack of quail egg is convenient when cooking liquor for a while.


Put the right amount of water in the casserole (can’t quail egg is ok), add spices and tuned soy sauce, bring to a boil small fire boil for 10 minutes.


Put quail eggs in sand pot to boil after turn a small fire boil half an hour.


Half an hour after turn off the heat, stay cool liquid soak overnight in the refrigerator after taste better.

Cooking techniques

1. Cooked quail eggs with ice water will be more capacity on the ice shell, not easily broken.
2. Halide material of quail egg juice I this adjustment is relatively light, need to soak overnight in the refrigerator after edible taste just right.

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