Pressure cooker version of white chicken

Plain chicken is one of the most common in cantonese chicken meat dish, belong to the chicken. With its simple, just cooked not bad, do not add ingredients and keep the original features. White cut chicken skin cool flesh smooth, delicate and delicious. Butter incarnadine white belt with the fragrance of onion oil, green onion sections take edge, the food with mustard or special soy sauce, keep the chicken fresh, original, distinctive flavour of food.

  • 3-yellow1 only
  • Spring Onions2 tree
  • ginger1 piece
  • garlic30 g
  • onion60 g
  • Chicken oilA moderate amount of
  • Cooking oil
  • salt
  • Ice water


3-yellow clean;


Put 3-yellow clean in supor fresh breath in the pressure cooker, put ginger and spring Onions in a pot, add some water;


Supor fresh breath pressure cooker to select “quick to take off the flesh and blood” function;


All of them electric pressure cooker pressure display can be turned on when the “green light” pot;


Open the cover, cut the chicken into ice water quickly;


In the process of cooking chicken, we prepare for dipping sauce ingredients. The onion, ginger slices, spring Onions cut into silk, ready to chicken oil;


Hot pot of cold oil, the oil temperature reaches 6 into heat, add onion, green Onions, ginger and chicken oil in medium and small fire boil slowly oil;


This is Fried status, will remove all ingredients, leaving the oil can (onion oil is more, you can put the refrigerator slowly to use).


After a small piece of peel ginger smash cut at the end of the add shallots;


Put salt on ginger;


Pour hot chicken oil in ginger, dip is completed.


Scoop out the chicken from the ice water, cutting, dip to eat.

Cooking techniques

Chicken per hundred grams contains 74% water, 22% protein, protein 74%, 13 mg calcium, phosphorus 190 mg, 1.5 mg of iron, chicken also contain rich vitamin A, the other contains vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.

Chicken not only low fat content, and more fat is unsaturated fatty acids, for children, the elderly, patients with cardiovascular disease, disease of disease after it takes the ideal protein foods.

In fact, the fat is indispensable to the body of the three major nutrients, completely abandoned don’t eat will lack of physical activity necessary to heat energy, and the absorption of vitamin A, D, E, K, etc; We will refuse the saturated fatty acid too high in fat, saturated fat easily cause high cholesterol, is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. This is the point of view, feeding unsaturated fatty acids in the food is good to the body health. And chicken meat is precious for health is that it contains more fat for unsaturated fatty acids.

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