Korean Food

Tuna Perilla cake

Material collection figure: 1. The tuna, Perilla, day-lily buds red bell pepper, mushroom, corn kernels, into the powder masher minced onion 2. Remove the minced ingredients, drain the water, with gau…

Korean Food

Laver boarding

Warm rice flavoured with a little salt, a little sesame oil mix 2. Scattered in cutting three eggs into a bowl, a little salt. Heat up a frying pan, pour proper amount egg liquid, small fire spread in…

Japanese Cuisine

Japanese rice balls

Article 1. Cut into laver, the length can be rice balls around a circle can be 2. Mix all the rest of the material, into a rice ball (3) put nori rice balls on a cross

The United States Home Cooking

French fries

Wash the potatoes and cut into strips (2) in milk, 30 minutes of soaking 3. After soaking the chips evenly coated raw powder, fry until golden brown and sprinkle salt cooking tip 1, chips to frozen bo…

Guangdong Snacks

Baiyun groping

Material collection figure: 1. The pig's feet after cut, ginger, garlic peeling flattened 2. Pot add feet of water, add ginger, garlic, cooking wine, 1 small spoon, salt, 1 small spoon, medium heat fo…

Guangdong Snacks

Chicken leg

. Ice buy fresh chicken feet after wash, cut nails 2. First cooked sweet and sour sauce, white vinegar, 1 bowl, 1/2 bowl of white granulated sugar, salt, 1 TBSP, 2 bowls of water into the pot boil. Co…

A Pregnant Woman

Kelp tofu soup

Will mushroom, mushroom, kelp, chopped green onion, put some oil in the pan, add chopped green onion saute 2. Add mushrooms, mushroom slices stir fry a few times, the fire in the kelp silk Fried 3. Ad…

Japanese Cuisine

Snapper burn

1. After the whole eggs and sugar together, in turn, add honey, salad oil, milk, Lin, mix 2. Sift the cake flour, milk powder and baking powder, to form a uniform and have burnish batter, cover plasti…

Heilongjiang Snacks

Roast grim

Material: 1. The brush with a little oil pan, heat, and then the robot is grim, in 1 egg, stir, then sprinkled on the grim 2. Stay 3 eggs solidification turn grim side. At this time on the grim: a wat…

Chongqing Snacks

Chongqing otus

Peppers cut into 2 cm of small pieces, shred ginger, onion cut into small sections 2. Chicken leg meat cut into small pieces, add salt, cooking wine, black pepper, a small amount of sweet potato powde…