Beijing Snacks

Toad spit honey

Yeast powder mixed with flour, add warm water and into the dough, Xing 20 minutes 2. Knead the dough strips, divided into small pieces of dough, each about 50 grams of 3. The bag into the bean paste a…

Shanghai Snacks

Sweet and sour pork ribs

Wash ribs cut into small pieces. 2. Add the salt, rice wine, egg, ginger, spring onion and mix a 3. Add a little flour and flour for five minutes to 4. Open oil, sixty percent after heat, gradually in…

Chongqing Snacks

Pickled fish

. Will go to the gills, cut off the scales and viscera carp slaughter clean, uniform section, add shredded ginger, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, starch, egg white and sizing and for half an hour…

Ningxia Snacks

Braise in soy sauce meat

1. Buy beef brisket cut into small pieces, into the water bubble 3-4 hours, bubble to blood 2. Bubble good beef brisket in electric pressure cooker, add water beef brisket, add ginger, spring onion, s…

Hot Pot Bed Charge

Mutton hotpot

Material collection figure: 1. To hot pot ingredients pot materials are: needle mushroom, frozen bean curd, sandwiches, spinach, black fungus, lamb chops, meat, etc with good cutting for washing. 2. T…

Henan Snacks

Fried enema

1. Cut enema in about 1 cm of the sheet (2) the electric or pan with lard, (it is best to lard, if no lard, vegetable oil) 3. The slice of the enema on the pan, fry until both sides become fragile, sk…

Guangdong Snacks

Original double peel milk

. Pour milk into steaming bowl, microwave oven heated to boiling namely stop 2. Remove milk cool, when the first layer of the double peel milk creme has formed (3) with a small knife carefully lifted …

The United States Home Cooking

Fried steak meal

. The steak will dip in with the kitchen towel to surface water, add in olive oil, double-sided smear evenly, then respectively in double evenly sprinkle with salt and pepper, add crisper, cover, depo…

Korean Food

Laver boarding

1. Bamboo shade on the extravagance and seaweed, another layer of rice (pressure rice spoons had better be stained with water, they are more good pressure) 2. Rice with some tomato sauce (or might not…

A Pregnant Woman

Chop lettuce porridge

. Old fire white a bowl of porridge, put a little shredded ginger, white porridge boil 2. Rinse lettuce, then shred 3. Chop chop, cooking wine, starch, soy sauce, salt, chicken essence, sugar, shredde…