The Microwave Oven

Microwave roast shrimp

. Boiled South America prawns back with scissors, cut open, use a toothpick to pick out the inside of the gut, then rinse and drain water 2. Salt, rice wine, cumin powder, Chinese prickly ash, black p…

Pastry Staple Food

Steamed dumpling YanBei glass

Glass steamed dumpling, also called crystal dumplings, is YanBei area of shanxi, datong, youyu, muddy source, it is mined here, and so the north of yanmenguan region, at the feast, when treating guest…

A Cake Of Bread

Cream cake volume

Like to eat cake volume but do the bobbin, try this prescription, he would do it, then I don't have to look at other people's mouth water, do you want to eat bai, So easy!


Milk steamed bread brittle block

In the north, steamed bread is the staff of the most common, almost every day to eat steamed bread. Eat steamed bread, no that day will not leave, how to make this bland steamed bread left, become we …

Home Cooking

Cumin meat

1. Worship diagonal slice, shred ginger, add cumin mutton and rice wine after the thaw 2. Put the oil in the pan, after five or six into hot oil into the pepper and dried chili peppers, completely aft…

Hot Food

Oil-free braise in soy sauce meat

Meat control not to be taunted, a day without meat. Miss braise in soy sauce meat very much. The national main food braise in soy sauce meat, deeply domestic and foreign friends like. A measure of alt…


Soy braised pig’s feet

Pig feet soybeans are together to eat the soup, stew ingredients are mainly soybeans and pig feet, main cooking process is a stew. Finished products are delicious, nutritious, the four seasons all app…


Again the spicy pig’s feet

I don't want to use more words to describe this dish is good, what soft waxy sweet spicy, the tooth cheek keeps the fragrance... Are all floating clouds, it will talk, try you know.