Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

Yogurt fruit salad

. The dragon fruit, apple, banana, watermelon peel and cut into small grains of the same size (2) will cut the apple in the pale salt water soak, can prevent the oxidation of black 3. Put the dragon f…

Home Cooking

Vegetable pancake

Today want to share with you this dish is tailor made for children, now this is not the children don't eat more and more to eat more, I found that as long as make omelets, basically what vegetables ca…

The Microwave Oven

Healthy potato chips

. Cooking oil, salt, (you can also add some pepper cumin powder) to stay with 2. Potato chips bubble water, remove the starch material and drain (3) with a paper towel to moisture blot, both sides wil…

Sweet Snacks

Double color to GuaGan

The double color to GuaGan can grind, can also be used as a small snack, especially for constipation of baby. Children usually like sweet potato sweet taste, attractive color baby must have deeply att…

A Vegetarian Diet

Oyster sauce lettuce

This is my very favorite dish, although is only the ordinary lettuce, but still some way to make a delicious. Lettuce cooked in this way is very unusual. Taste delicious, crisp, so delicious food, be …


Soft Fried steamed bun

Let me summarize the steamed bread N kind of change, say Chinese first today, the most traditional, Fried steamed bun. Though Fried food not to eat more, but the Fried steamed bun is really good. Besi…

A Vegetarian Diet

Braised eggplant

Typical carnivorous animals, in addition to the cold dishes are often plain, really seldom get a vegetable to eat, but must make vegetarian dishes to occupy our a bit, otherwise will not welcome.


Sweet potato stem

2 wash yellow flesh sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes peeled and thicker, the white parts are removed 3. Sweet potatoes cut into the thickness of the finger, it is best to weight about 4. Microwave ovens…

Cold Dishes

Vegetable salad

This salad is simple, but with fresh, eat every day to eat not only vitamin supplements, can discharge poison to raise colour, get into the habit of each meal to eat vegetable salad, also can control …

Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

Milk sweet potato chips

See chips this two word, we must think of made of potatoes after Fried chips, this is not French fries, potato chips this French fries are made from sweet potato to today, was looking for red, around …