Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

Pan fry shrimp cake

. Material: shrimp (fresh shrimps), carrots, apricot bao mushroom 2. Carrots, apricot bao mushroom shred blanch 3. Carrots and apricot bao mushroom drain water, cut to pieces (water must be squeezed d…

A Vegetarian Diet

Hand bag food

. Wash the cabbage side by hand into appropriate size pieces, snapping to middle thick stem, control as far as possible dry water (2) a cut dried chili, garlic piace thenminto 3. Put the oil in the po…


Corn carrots sparerib soup

Haven't drink soup for a long time, when shopping yesterday saw very fresh sweet corn was unbearable, bought two recent heat, might as well to boil a pot of soup with sweet corn to comfort my poor app…


Minced meat to fry fan

. Prepare the required ingredients: sweet potato fans, minced meat, leeks, tender bamboo shoots and dried mushrooms (other types of fans can also, tender bamboo shoots is pointed part of winter bamboo…

Home Cooking

Vegetables pot

. Prepare materials, kelp and vegetarian meat with pure water, clean 2. Fans and black fungus also sacks respectively, wash the sediment standby, hot cabbage slices 3. Tofu cleaning, then sliced, vege…

Private Food

Taiwan crispy small sausage

Coke in Taiwan crispy small intestine, Q deep sweet taste of children's favorite, is an indispensable a dish of wasn't table. Don't add preservatives and homemade small sausage improver delicious and …

Home Cooking

Braise in soy sauce meat

The cold winter, I like to spend 2-3 hours at a time, a big pot of stew stewed beef, beef brisket with beef tendon is commonly used in the stew. Stew good later can according to need, add some vegetab…

A Vegetarian Diet

Toffee apple

The cold wire drawing, the temperature is very important, it can't pull out silk. At first I add too much water, leading to slurry is too rare would, then is too thick, taste felt a little bit short. …


Homemade lemon honey

1. The surface of the lemon with salt scrub clean, dry, with a plane plane to skin, skin retain 2. Dig down will spread the lemon peel in pelvic floor, rock candy on the shop broken 3. The lemon slice…

A Vegetarian Diet

Stir-fry chips

Everyone loves to eat potatoes, regardless of braise in soy sauce, stir, steamed or stew, do is good, today to introduce you to a heavy taste eat potatoes, stir-fry chips.