Sauce Dip

Homemade garlic oil

Homemade garlic oil, nutrition and health, usually mix when the scoop a spoonful of, also can use when cooking, can add some unique flavor to food oh can do ~ ~ like to eat garlic

The Microwave Oven

Oyster sauce eggplant

Eggplant hemp fiber cutting knife, the following two chopsticks, very good cut 2. Eggplant sprinkle a little water, cover with plastic wrap, into the microwave oven, high fire 3. Two or three minutes …

Cold Dishes

Hot and sour kelp silk

. Material: kelp. (led the part of the sea, and the thick meat) 2. Kelp, then soak in cold water more than half a day. (I buy seaweed is very salty, soak all night) 3. Turn off the heat after the pot …

At The Middle

Sausage of potato

Materials collection figure: 1. Shred potatoes (or a wire brush tool would rub into potato silk), onion cut into small grains, cantonese sausage cut into small grains, hit two eggs (2) the eggs of bla…

Baby's Diet Plan A Baby

Steamed salted oranges

Wash thoroughly oranges, can soak in salt water for a while (2) cut oranges to the top, just like the orange bowl of 3. Will a little salt evenly on the orange flesh, poke a few times, use chopsticks …


Green vegetables package

Surface 1. 380 grams of flour heating water into white flour regiment. 2. Will the rest of the 120 grams of flour add spinach juice. 3. The dough into green. Both the dough cover aside Xing. DiaoXian …

The Microwave Oven

Microwave chips

1. Potatoes peeled, sliced, into the bowl, stir in ground pepper, melt butter, salt and other spices stir evenly 2. Spread the chips in the microwave glass plate, high fire ding take out after 3 minut…

The Microwave Oven

The microwave cake

Add 10 grams of sugar, egg yolks 2. Play with the hand mix 3. Add 1/2t of 30 grams of milk and salad oil, with a hand mix 4. Egg liquid mixture with pale white 5. Baking powder and flour mix in advanc…