Oyster sauce lettuce

This is my very favorite dish, although is only the ordinary lettuce, but still some way to make a delicious. Lettuce cooked in this way is very unusual. Taste delicious, crisp, so delicious food, be sure to include it in my diet.

  • lettuce300 g
  • garlic
  • Oyster sauce
  • Water starch
  • Vegetable oil

1.Wash lettuce pluck blade, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall and set aside

2.Break the chopped garlic, lettuce into the boiling water pot for a few seconds, then quickly remove, water control and set aside

3.Put a little vegetable oil frying pan, add garlic until fragrant, add oyster sauce and stir a little water and boil

4.Add water starch flour, after flameout, add lettuce stir evenly


Cooking techniques

1, lettuce must pass for this step finally won’t be too much water, extremely hot time is shorter, lettuce to soften slightly;

2, blanch lettuce must boiling water pot, if more lettuce can be partial steam ironing;

3, the material can be poured on the lettuce to eat, I think lettuce or the pot and stir the oyster sauce tastes are more flavor;

4, I think this dish doesn’t need to put other seasoning, with oyster sauce and garlic is delicious enough.  

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