Orange apple jam

I seldom made jam, even this time is the third time, see you have a few net friend with the sun to make jam, I'm also a little impulsive, just home a few oranges are not very sweet just like simply cook jam got, also is not very big, but the three orange estimate boil out there isn't much, so just added an apple, get out of the jam special beautiful, yellow, the taste is great. With cake and bread, and eating yogurt with a little good.

  • The orangesthree
  • apple1
  • White granulated sugar


Prepare three oranges clean.


The orange peel as long as the inside of the orange flesh.


Apple a put together with orange peel and cut large pieces of meat.


The orange and apple are put into blender crush.


Crushed sand pulp into the pot, add a little sugar.


Change a small fire after the fire boil, has been boiled down to jam viscous not much water. Midway mix aside from time to time, in order to avoid glue pot.


Cook good jam to cool completely before assembling refrigerate.

Cooking techniques

When boiling jam must be on one side, staring at a stir every now and then, in order to avoid glue pot.
How many see personal taste for sugar, like sweet put more sugar.

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