(miss board | strawberry fook)

I'm miss food, because food meet, because your trust, Do you love the meals, when your best girlfriends.

  • strawberry10
  • coconutA moderate amount of
  • White sugarA moderate amount of
  • Raw powderA moderate amount of
  • Maccha powderA moderate amount of
  • Glutinous rice flourA moderate amount of
  • Olive oil


Raw powder, glutinous rice powder, tea powder, sugar and water.


Stir well until no air bubbles.


Get good paste covered a layer of plastic wrap, the fire steamed.


Strawberry wash them.


Dip in palm oil, take steamed noodles a little rub it into the pie.


Strawberry in it, bread completely cover the strawberries.


The strawberry coated a layer of coconut.


Slice and serve.


I haven’t stopped about this, every day, I will keep on such a full of love, the true meaning of cuisine is the love of life; Because food meet, because of your trust, I’m miss meals, do you love meals, when you are the best girlfriends.

Cooking techniques

1, it is suggested that just learning to do, don’t big quantity.
2, steaming time is differ, so, want to look at from time to time
3, choose red strawberry, they look cut out.
4, hand wipe a layer of oil, to prevent the sticky dough.

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