Milk steamed bread brittle block

In the north, steamed bread is the staff of the most common, almost every day to eat steamed bread. Eat steamed bread, no that day will not leave, how to make this bland steamed bread left, become we love to eat snacks? I today make it has turned into a milk steamed crispy piece, very sweet, crisp, sweet, sweet taste, when little point or breakfast snacks, afternoon can ha.

  • Steamed bread2
  • butter
  • White sugar

1.Steamed bread left cut into small piece, butter melt into liquid (can be heated in the microwave oven, water heating)

2.Let each steamed bread evenly coated butter, microwave, medium heat to the surface a little coke (specific depending on the power of the microwave heating time, our 800 w, it took me three minutes)

3.After take out the steamed bread piece, strike and a layer of white sugar, mix well

Eating little common sense

Must use animal butter, extracted from milk. Plant butter while also known as butter, actually is a synthetic, not natural, eat much more adverse to human body.  

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