Milk fragrant sweet potato

Supor air fryer do sweet potato slices, crisp, crisp, because the brush butter, milk smells. When I do, children with eat next door, the pot not ready, children have run out of a pot, is really tight!

  • Sweet potato200 g
  • butter


Sweet potatoes peeled, wash.


Sweet potato dishes wiper scraped into thin slices, if there is no clean dishes, you try to slice thickness uniformity, so convenient baked at the same time.


Sweet potato chip into the supor air fryer pan.


Brush on a layer of melted butter, timing for 15 minutes.


Potato chips over 8 minutes, then brush butter, continue to bake.


Time to, potato chips baked crispy brown.


The finished product.

Cooking techniques

The cooking time how many appropriate adjustment according to the amount of food.
Baked sweet potato eat if you don’t have to be packed in sealed container, and finish as soon as possible, so as not to be affected with damp be affected with damp.
Butter can also replace with corn oil, but pieces of sweet potato with butter, taste is not the same.

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