Microwave coffee cup cake

Fresh small attempt for the first time, a small spoon coffee powder, an egg, a little cake for a cup of coffee in the microwave rotary grow taller, waft the aroma of coffee in the house, meet a reason for afternoon tea.

  • The coffee powder5 g
  • flour20 g
  • eggs1
  • oil
  • sugar
  • salt


Coffee cup lightly in thin layer of oil, sprinkle a little sugar attached to the glass wall, set aside


Protein sugar sent into hard foam. Set aside


Egg yolks, salt, and coffee powder to fully mix evenly, no powder coffee powder


Sift the flour and egg yolk paste coffee mix well


Protein cream and coffee batter mix well.


Pour the batter into the two can go to the cup in the microwave oven, high fire a minute and a half


Coffee cup cake 】 【 microwave waft the aroma of coffee in the house, put a little cool open after eating, meet a reason for afternoon tea

Cooking techniques

【 CSY warm prompt 】
Prescription of sugar dosage is less, only in the egg whites.

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