Lotus seed tremella soup

Like and tremella soup, boil soup to thick, look will feel full of collagen, lotus seed and jujube on collocation, more comprehensive nutrition, taste better, too. Lotus seeds of high nutritional value, contains rich protein, fat and carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus and potassium content in the lotus seed is very rich, besides can constitute element of bones and teeth, and promote blood clotting, make certain enzyme activation, maintain nerve conduction, calm nerves, maintain muscle scalability and the rhythm of the heart. Rich phosphorus is main part of the nucleus protein, helps the body in protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism, And maintain the acid-base balance, and also play an important role in the formation of sperm. Lotus seed has the effect of yangxin nerves. The elderly especially knowledge workers eat frequently, can the healthy brain, enhance memory, improve the work efficiency and can prevent the happening of the senile dementia. Lotus plumule taste very bitter, but a significant cardiac function, can expand peripheral vascular, lower blood pressure. Lotus nut has a good effect to heart, treat your breath sores, help sleep. Lotus seed is good for the heart kidney, spleen and antidiarrheal, solid fine nerves.

  • Hunan lotus seed(exfoliating) 60 g
  • tremella(4 ears) one
  • Red jujube


Today I use exfoliating XiangLian. The lotus seed very tender smooth after cooked. Lotus seed cold water soak for 20 minutes


The lotus seed central branch lotus plumule, the core will be bitter, don’t like can use toothpick to pass out. Don’t remove it does not matter, lotus seed core has a strong heart


Tremella cold water soaked in half an hour in advance. I use today’s ears, this kind of tremella is easy to talk on to a soft waxy, and sauce thickened


Go to the root to tear into small pieces


Ceramic pot of water, lotus seeds, white fungus and red jujube in after to go nuclear


After the fire boil turn a small fire. Cover small slow fire boil for one hour.


Cook good lotus seed tremella soup, very thick, drink up and sliding of waxy waxy, nutritional and delicious soup

Cooking techniques

Lotus seed core taste bitter, don’t like can be removed

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