Kelp mung bean old duck soup

Through the day is cold, and fresh for a few days to eat spicy, throat again some uncomfortable, be badly in need of a drink to decrease internal heat, see home have a good customer sent their brother breeding superior kelp, refrigerator soso, find out an old duck, with some green beans, soup together to clear the functions.

  • Old duck600 g
  • Mung bean100 g
  • Kelp (dry)100 g
  • ginger
  • White pepper grains
  • Dried chilli
  • salt


With a piece of a paper of about 600 grams, thawed into clean water soaking more than an hour.


Mung bean and blisters, less than half the amount of bowl. A few times, washed with water soak mung beans, pick out the bad beans, waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall and set aside.


Soak good old duck, add ginger, cooking wine blanch to spray blood impurities.


Blanch good old duck water wash and set aside.


Kelp knot untied, wash the residual impurities, knot again.


Electric stew pot into the ginger, dry pepper, white pepper grains.


Into the point with a piece of dry water, mung bean one-time add enough quantity of hot water, stewed three hours power supply is connected.


Floating above the mung bean skin, with a colander take it out, into the kelp knots.


For an hour, out of the pot before add salt to taste.

Cooking techniques

1: mung bean as the soak time enough, may with kelp and the pot.
2: kelp knot must solve after cleaning again, thoroughly remove residual impurities. Before also have lazy, after wash the pot directly, the result to eat into his mouth, sand seriously affect the taste, very uncomfortable.
3: no mung beans, except for its skin more or less will some pipi in soup, mind, with skinless mung bean can also be used directly.
4: not put hot pepper, it added some pepper grains to be said.

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