Japanese style snapper burn

Eleven years, the National Day in Shanghai subway station to see there's a sell snapper burn, then looked at the above picture makes me feel special have appetite, modelling is beautiful, but to the driver before buy, suddenly remembered it recently, so did go online for making tools, is found, immediately bought a, then I found a recipe on the Internet, goods arrived, today's experiment, the preliminary conclusion is that the formula is feasible and has room for improvement, the following attached formula, particular way dear friends online to find summer snapper burn can find articles, one thing to say is online, Is conducted on a gas burner firing, such failure is said to be very high, I was using a household electric burn oven roasted, temperature uniformity, so have enough time to adjust

  • Low flour160 g
  • milk100 g
  • Corn starch40 g
  • butter40 g
  • eggs2
  • Red bean paste150 g
  • White granulated sugar
  • salt
  • honey
  • Baking powder


Material, as shown in addition to the above said, the most important thing to prepare for snapper burn mold


First take a clean, no oil, no water in the basin of egg, will be two eggs into, then add 40 grams of 40 grams of sugar and honey, 2 g of salt


Said 40 g butter melting into the bowl, and then after water is heated, to melt


The eggs, sugar, salt and honey with egg beater until well-combined


Then add in 100 grams of milk


Then said low 160 g flour, 40 grams of cornstarch, 5 grams of powder mixed evenly


Will mixture powder, sieve into the egg mixture, stir well, then add in melted butter and mix, and then cover with plastic wrap and 30 minutes


In electric barbecue pits, turned on the power, then die preheating, brush on butter, will come to pour batter in the measuring cup, convenient processing, mold heat after pouring batter, seven minutes full, wants even, it is best to wipe out the spoon, and adding suitable amount of red bean paste, quickly and then on to paste down a level, the batter may be filled out, pour into close immediately after


Then turn over a face started baking, after about 20 seconds, can open it slightly tentative can release, can open the two sides can start baking back and forth, until toasted you need color is ok

Cooking techniques

Stir the batter too fast, want to gently, can’t let the batter now

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