Jade white jade dumpling

Winter solstice is a very important solar term in Chinese lunar calendar, from the han dynasty, sheng in the tang and song dynasty, the phase delay so far. Ancient pays a lot of attention to the winter solstice, has "the winter solstice as big as a year". Because people thought the winter solstice, the day a day than the last, sun be the spirit, is the beginning of a throttle cycle, is also a good day. Winter solstice this day lunar calendar, rich or poor, rice dumplings is indispensable festival. Archaism cloud, "October, the winter solstice that every household to eat dumplings", while the north is the "the summer solstice winter solstice dumplings noodles".

  • Chinese cabbage300 g
  • spinach200 g
  • meat300 g
  • flour
  • Cooking wine
  • Light soy sauce
  • pepper
  • Sesame oil


Wash spinach and cut section, boiling water blanch spare


Blanch the water spinach juice squeezed into juice


A flour add spinach juice, and the dough into green


A flour, add water and the dough into white


Two copies of the dough Xing cover with plastic wrap and a half hours, respectively


Rinse cabbage cut up, add a little salt, stir well preserved after 30 minutes


Chinese cabbage after curing water, squeeze out water


Ground meat, cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper, salt, sesame oil mix for meat


Add in chopped cabbage do dumpling stuffing mix


Will two surface knead into two strip respectively, and the green strip rolling


To encase green face white strip, the sealing alignment


Cut into small pieces of dough


Small pieces of dough rolling the wrappers


Put the dumpling stuffing on the wrappers, folded in half and two thumb forefinger making dumplings to pile in the middle


The pot boil water, put Chinese cabbage dumplings


Bring to a boil, some cold water, when water boiled dumplings cook good again


Beautiful beautiful jade white jade dumpling out of the pot, like individual Chinese cabbage!

Cooking techniques

1. White turnip forced out of the water, add salt pickled cabbage more crisp taste
2. The meat mix, clockwise, as I want dumplings filling more tender
3. Knead flour evenly, dumpling skin flexible strength, elastic
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