Iron eggs

Supermarket packing snacks marinated egg taste similar to a kind of almost all snacks called iron eggs. Legend is a woman to sell left under the helpless marinated egg constantly recycled, the results showed that taste is very unique! Their own home do marinated egg can also make the texture. Just spend a little time and patience ~ of course, the plastic is not possible with somebody else sells the same, the according to their favorite flavor!

  • Quail eggs10
  • water
  • octagon
  • cinnamon
  • Light soy sauce
  • The old pump
  • geranyl
  • clove
  • White granulated sugar

1.Quail eggs cooked after peeling. Set aside

2.Geranyl 2 pieces, 1 star anise, cinnamon, 1 clove four, on the choice of spices according to individual be fond of

3.Add 1 TBSP soya sauce, with more of the old pump for coloring

4.Light soy sauce color shallow, don’t like too much black multi-purpose light soy sauce

5.Add sugar

6.Add water to before and after the fire boil turn a small fire for 15 to 20 minutes after the quail egg out to dry and then back to cook

7.Take it out to dry the steps to repeat two or three times, cook it if marinades enough you can add some water

8.Small quail eggs, boil three or four times, also can cook a few times more, the more the thinner the skin Q, the inside of the color is more deep more flavor

9.And then put the marinade

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