Homemade no MSG

Always see friends homemade MSG, I didn't also endure did some try effect, make soup with the feel good, after a long time without monosodium glutamate chicken essence, feelings are not adapted to the cooking, old forgot to put yourself MSG haha, it seems you also need to strengthen the memory. I used the dry mushrooms, scallops and shrimp skin MSG, didn't eat out will also feel obliged? After tried still feeling good, not obliged, also raises fresh, worth a try.

  • Dried mushrooms50 g
  • Dried shrimp skin
  • scallops


Ready for 50 g dried mushroom, dried scallops 30 grams, 50 grams of dried shrimp skin.


Xianggu mushroom on the colander with tap water washing to remove dust.


Then will be charged with dry mushrooms on the paved the kitchen paper heating drying for 24 hours.


Xianggu mushroom into the wall after drying machine mixing glass


Installed cup, and stir with a grinding gear program at a time.


Open the lid to add scallops


Then put in dry shrimp skin also cover the lid installed stirring cup, with a grinding process.


After grinding out into the open lid freezing small without water in the bottle.

Cooking techniques

Play with mushroom in a moment to open the lid, or dust will float out, if the material with stir bar auxiliary when stirred too much. Xianggu mushroom must be dried completely after washing, otherwise can’t broken.

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