Homemade garlic oil

Homemade garlic oil, nutrition and health, usually mix when the scoop a spoonful of, also can use when cooking, can add some unique flavor to food oh can do ~ ~ like to eat garlic

  • garlic60 g
  • Cooking oil


Good garlic peeling, chop garlic, I use the sole head of garlic, smaller rushed, but the taste is garlic.


Pan down into edible oil, the oil temperature six or seven into heat in the garlic.


Small fire slowly fry garlic began to turn off the heat when a yellowish to keep the remaining oil fry the garlic is golden and crispy.


After cooling in disinfection good airtight container, as you eat, take, can pasta or cooking, don’t have a “garlic” ~ ~

Cooking techniques

1, this is blowing the garlic to acid crisp, finely chop garlic best smaller granular, don’t beaten minced garlic.
2, the process of the Fried small fire all the way, it is important to note that the color of garlic, don’t wait until the garlic is golden yellow, to turn off the heat, the garlic crisp easily become bitter. 3. Do a good job in the garlic oil at room temperature or refrigerator put two or three months, no problem, but suggest not to do too much, eat again.

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