Homemade Beijing article cake

Immediately before the Spring Festival, New Year's day is on inevitable, our relatives. Big fish big meat eating and drinking, rice then why greasy xiaoshi snacks, homemade article cake, that is, hawthorn, sour, sweet, xiaoshi and appetizing.

  • hawthorn350 g
  • White sugar150 g
  • Rock sugar100 g
  • Maltose (don’t)


Haw said after I am go nuclear, weighs 350 grams. Wash in advance to go nuclear.


Put a moderate amount of water, the water is boiling water for 5 minutes, the water can decide, how much it doesn’t matter.


Cooked hawthorn fished it with some water to put food machine broken, as thin as possible.


Play good hawthorn mud, put a nonstick skillet, add white sugar, crystal sugar, maltose (not) small fry. Turner spinning in order to avoid the paste pot.


Boil to hawthorn thick mud, not like water drip.


Baking paper on the shop, hawthorn, pour mud scrape board, not demon is too thick, covered with bad is too thick to dry.


I am oven to dry, up and down the fire cycle wind 80 degrees, roast buckle the roast for 50 minutes then stripped the paper, on the other side and bake for half an hour, because the bottom is very wet, bake the temperature not too high, once I paste on the surface of 120 degrees was baked, if you don’t try so hard to eat can dry naturally, may have to two days, a day out side.


Liang can not glue the hand forming, cutting scattered on the sugar mix well (not formula ratio, the best grain of bigger sugar). Beijing cake, if you don’t do dry roll up into blocks is fruits paste, I did.

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