Hick marinated egg

When I was a child,

  • eggs10
  • The old pump3 tablespoons of
  • Light soy sauce1 tablespoon
  • Rock sugar15 g
  • Chinese prickly ash1 g
  • octagon2 g
  • cinnamon4 g
  • geranyl0.5 grams
  • beer1 tank
  • salt


Add salt to the pot boiled egg wash, cold water.


Cooked eggs in the cold water to cool, peel, again into the boiling pot.


Pour a beer, add bay leaf, star anise, cinnamon, pepper.


Pour sugar and light soy sauce, salt. (my family like to eat a little light, there are no longer the salt, salt will become saturated)


Pour into the old out fire boiled, about five minutes later, the eggs have been rendered the pretty red sauce. Continue to small halogen, after about ten minutes away from the fire, the eggs have been soaked in marinades, as you eat. (so do can directly eat, but to my halogen halide as the picture color, had better soak over 12 hours with a small fire boil again, will taste more rich)

Cooking techniques

1, boil eggs must be cold water pot, put a little salt, is to prevent the egg is cooked in the process of cracking. Shell the eggs to remove the film inside, so then faster.
2, in the beer, eggs, best open fire to boil the flavour of beer flavor rapid integration into the egg.
3 in the process of brine and boiled eggs, some need to use a single spoon reactionary eggs, the purpose is to make the egg color more even.
Four, five minutes after the fire, the egg has red sauce, continue to use halogen after ten minutes you can eat. The rest of the eggs to immerse in the marinade, lasagna, soak the longer eggs will be more delicious taste.

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