Hawthorn fruit jam

Supermarket jam, too many additives, completely eat much fresh fruit, jam is a taste, no matter what it doesn't taste good! So it is necessary to do jam, a sour sweet hawthorn fruit jam, used to make sandwich cookies very well!

  • hawthorn500 g
  • White granulated sugar150 g
  • water


Hawthorn washed with spending half an hour, the pale salt water


Haw to head and handle, go nuclear, cut, cut broken, need not trouble to use food machine


Add sugar marinate for half an hour, also can not cured


Into the pot, add water, don’t add too much water, so as not to get too long


Turn a small fire boil after


While cooked with a spoon or a shovel crush hard some of the hawthorn


Until thickened, POTS are exposed to the heat. But don’t get burned.


Loading blanching bottle, a cool cap into the refrigerator. Cold storage after the jam and supermarkets sell as thick jam with curing agent.

Cooking techniques

Don’t put too much water, so as not to lose patience for too long. Difficult to cook small spoon crush you don’t have to use the machine. To be kept stirring, so as not to make the paste.

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