Gravy crispy small potatoes

"Gravy crispy small potato" is a very old French dish, its practices and Chinese style "cumin small potatoes" some similar, but the butter and broth simmer adzuki bean soil, let the taste of butter and broth full penetration into the potatoes, potatoes more sweet thick soft. Reuse of the rest of the oil pan is small potatoes, mixed with cumin, chili pepper and black pepper three kinds of spices, to make potato skin crispy, soft and delicious have to stop.

  • A small potato500 g
  • salt
  • The onion
  • butter
  • Cumin powder
  • Chili powder
  • Black pepper
  • Wild pepper
  • stock

 1.Materials to prepare

2.Small potatoes with a small brush clean the surface of the earth, drain the water. Set aside

3.Wild peppers into rings, spring onion and set aside

4.The small potatoes into the pot, add a piece of butter

5.Pour gravy soup, water had potatoes as well

6.Cover and cook over low heat for 20 minutes or so, check whether potatoes cooked soft, chopsticks into the potatoes are available, and can easily insert

7.Turn off the heat, with a spatula crushed small potatoes, let it open, must be small pressure, easy to pressure

8.And then opened fire, and into the salt, the juice, the fire until the sauce completely absorbed by the potatoes

9.The small fire, small potatoes in residual oil began to fry fragrant, turning over two to three times, make its surface Fried yellow, then add chili ring

10.Sprinkle in cumin powder and pepper powder

11.To grind into the black pepper powder

12.Flip fry for a while, when out of the pot to beautiful can sprinkle with scallions on potatoes

Cooking techniques

1, don’t need to peel potatoes, peel if cooked after crush easily crushed potato, so as long as skin clean can.

2, my gravy soup here is with the pig bone chicken bones which, deserve to go up the butter to fry boiled potatoes, potatoes become very fragrant;

3, check whether the potatoes cooked soft, can use chopsticks into the potatoes, can insert can be easily;

After 4, potatoes, cooked soft, with a spatula crushed small potatoes, let it open, and the juice, the fire can make soup completely absorbed by the potatoes;

5, if you don’t eat chili can not to put, taste good.

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