Good bone fungus mushroom soup

All kinds of fungus mushroom big rally, nutritional efficacy with play. Step-down hypoglycemic and calcium supplementation, taste fresh parents love. When they have free soup!!!! Mushrooms but the most delicious, nutritional value as sheep, chickens and ducks fish everyday drink fungus soup, can give the body effective detoxification, clean up the intestines and stomach!

  • Pig big bone600 g
  • Black mushroomfive
  • Needle mushroom40 g
  • Tea tree mushroom35 g
  • Fresh sea30 g
  • ginger
  • salt


Prepare material.


Rinse the rods bone blanch, remove excess blood and grease.


Pour enough water, into the bone, and a moderate amount of ginger slice the fire to boil, a simmer for 1 hour.


All wash mushrooms, cut long mushrooms, get rid of the tail.


An hour later to join all kinds of fungi, continue to boil for half an hour.


The last call in salt.

Cooking techniques

Miscellaneous mushroom soup can be selected according to their own like different kinds of fungus mushroom.

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