Gelatin tonic cream

Gelatin tonic cream name is whatever I, just when I was a child see elders drink of supplements, called big repair cream is so thick, the feeling is very nice, but I didn't drink. I eat donkey-hide gelatin easily lose our temper which is saved 3 years of the company, should be a lot better. Approach is very simple, to eat, don't like to put the gelatin of all sorts of things, so do anything such as walnuts, sesame red jujube donkey-hide gelatin liquid. Just took a sip, it was my great love. Strong flavour. Woman, want to a bit better to oneself, not everyone is fit to eat donkey-hide gelatin, recommend to eat before the TCM oh)!

  • gelatin125 g
  • Rock sugar
  • Yellow rice wine
  • water

1.Add gelatin break, into the bowl and into the rice wine, cover with plastic wrap and soak for 2 days

2.Good to soak gelatin water heated to melt

3.To break rock candy, candy proper stir a few times, in the process of heating melt water

4.Reheat 20 minutes, more stirring during mixing, use small fire all the way, don’t build

5.Will get good gelatin liquid into a clean sealed containers, into the refrigerator save, every 1 small spoon, delicious

Eating little common sense

1, eat donkey-hide gelatin not excessive, it is recommended that the consultation of traditional Chinese medicine to take;

2, do the thickens of donkey-hide gelatin, need to use absolute good quality donkey-hide gelatin, because it’s tend to be original, if with a poor donkey-hide gelatin, there will be a donkey skin SAO flavor;

3, don’t do too much at a time, feel after a long time not enough fresh, also can return to eat;

4, a healthy body when to eat, don’t sick, menstrual period, high blood sugar friend not eat, don’t know friends please consult the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to take, oh;

5, into the refrigerator cream after experiencing hard points, does not affect the consumption.  

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