Ears longan red jujube soup

Black fungus to deserve to go up tremella stew, tomifying qi, runfei skin. Snow-white tremella fungus with such as mo, quietly and double Yu Qingliang transparent sweet soup, match again with dark red jujube and after stew into light longan and red Chinese wolfberry, golden osmanthus flowers bloom again, meanwhile, bead like this, is like, and the beautiful scenery of jiangnan, ten thousand kinds of tenderness.

  • Black fungus (water)15 g
  • tremella15 g
  • Jujube (dry)
  • Chinese wolfberry
  • Longan (dry)
  • water
  • osmanthus
  • Rock sugar

1.Soak black fungus and tremella

2.After soaked black fungus, tremella to tiffany, tore into small flower, rinse with cool water into the pot after a few times, add right amount of cold water, affix, turn a small fire, after the fire boil stew about 50 minutes

3.Wash and remove date, red jujube jujube meat cut into small pieces, strip shell of longan

4.Will continue to stew, red jujube, longan puts in the pot after about 20 minutes into the osmanthus flowers and candy

5.Turn off the heat and let stand until the temperature of the soup to lukewarm, Chinese wolfberry with warm water soaked until soft, drain off water

6.After the Chinese wolfberry is put into the pot, stir and serve

Cooking techniques

1, black fungus soaked slightly long, can use cold water to soak overnight ahead of time, such as low room temperature can be used warm water to soak for several hours. But don’t use hot water, hot water will reduce the number of black fungus extraction, and affect the taste. Tremella can use warm water bubble ten minutes bubble hair;

2, then put some rock candy finally and it need not put too much, when after the soup cool taste sweeter when will heat.

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