Curry Fried small potatoes

Potatoes and curry is itself to match absolutely, potatoes can fully absorb the smell of curry, the rich flavor of the curry play to the extreme. And with a small fire fry the first, and then until soft waxy small potatoes taste good, eats encase the whole small potatoes.

  • A small potato500 g
  • oil
  • White granulated sugar
  • salt
  • Yellow curry paste


Small potatoes to skin after wash and drain the water.


In the oil in the pan, heat and pour into a small potato, use small fire fry for 3 minutes.


Pour a bowl of water, added sugar, stamp after the fire to boil, and simmer until potatoes cooked soft.


Add yellow curry sauce and salt. Mix well, then the fire and liquid concentration can be out of the pot.

Cooking techniques

Here is a small potato, a small fire fry the first, eats encase the whole small potatoes aromas, but don’t cook too long, otherwise it is hard to back curry aroma and flavor, soft waxy potato is difficult to cook.
Of course also can to do the potato slices, the same way

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