Crystal shrimp dumplings

Guangzhou people drink tea must with a steamed shrimp dumplings, that is good shrimp dumplings on cultured skin as white as snow, thin as paper, translucent; Stuffing is faintly visible, fresh sweet taste is smooth, delicious. Coupled with a pot of good tea, taste great! It is cantonese morning tea in the classic of classics.

  • Wheat starch150 g
  • Shrimps.1 small bowl
  • Water chestnut
  • salt
  • Chicken essence
  • Cooking wine
  • Raw powder
  • Lard (suet)
  • White sugar
  • pepper
  • Olive oil

1.Wash shrimps to shrimp line, two thirds cut into shrimp mud; The remaining one-third of shrimps and prawn mud mixture

2.Wash water chestnuts peeled dicing, and put it in the shrimp paste

3.Add a pinch of salt, cooking wine, white pepper, chicken, sugar, olive oil to mix. In the shrimp paste

4.Wheat starch and cornflour mixture, pour into 100 degrees of boiling water dough made with boiling water. Will face add olive oil and water after stir knead into dough; Knead the dough cover aside after wake up for a while

5.Article will wake up good surface rub growth, cut into a small a sub-agent; Skin rolling into a round shape

6.In just the right amount of shrimp paste wrapped in the wrappers

7.Wrapped in the shop of carrot slices plate; The water boiled in the steamer, steam for 8 minutes

Cooking techniques

1, shrimp dumplings should be made with melted lard, lard to eat special sweet, I didn’t cook lard, replace with olive oil, personal feel healthier olive oil;

2, shrimp dumpling skin should be taken with the sword, as I will not use a rolling pin, roll it the thinner the good, the thin skin rolling, steamed shrimp dumplings more transparent;

3, our own at home do not necessary must buy covers small food steamers, if not use heat resistant plate into the steamer steaming.

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