Crispy dry pumpkin

3 when 3 in the afternoon tea time, to a snack bar is not fat

  • pumpkin


There are different types of fresh pumpkin, pumpkin, as you like)


Peel and sac, then slice cut again, I cut into 1.5 cm thick small long, long time can also be a little shorter


Directly into the dryer air dry to dry, would be about six hours, 58 degrees or so


After drying, steamed


Steamed and then take it to dry for two hours, until the pumpkin dry flat, do not need to put in the process of sugar, because there are full of sugar in the pumpkin, squash the dried to eat sweet TianNuo incense, crisp dry very have chewing feeling, very enjoyable

Cooking techniques

Don’t be greedy convenient direct steam drying, because after the steamed pumpkin puree, will stick to the grid, don’t figure is convenient, don’t yo my hand is out of control

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