Cream cake volume

Like to eat cake volume but do the bobbin, try this prescription, he would do it, then I don't have to look at other people's mouth water, do you want to eat bai, So easy!

  • Strong flour40 g
  • The egg
  • Egg qing dynasty
  • butter
  • Whipping cream
  • White granulated sugar

1.Egg yolks and 20 grams of sugar in the basin, with manual egg beater until sugar dissolves, and the egg liquid viscous

2.Basin points three times to join the 50 g sugar, protein will play to wet sex protein foam in front of the state, which have the liquidity, a dozen eggs first egg drop fell on the basin can remain the same (protein, egg head have a big hook is moist foam, the cake volume does not need to achieve this state)

3.Add egg yolk mixture into the protein paste, with manual egg beater irregular mix (generally make cake, mix the egg paste is made of scraper, this recipe can use egg beater, why yan teacher’s analysis of color, you can walk a look)

4.Sieve the low powder into the egg mixture with scraper mix, mixed egg custard, very sensitive gloss (don’t over mix, with double mixing cutting technique, don’t stir guoquan)

5.Will keep warm pour melted butter over the scraper, pour into the egg mixture, fast and mix (this step can only be understood, because I want to take photos, can’t. With warm butter because it is not easy to foam)

6.Pour the egg mixture into a baking sheet of paper, scrape to evenness with scraper, don’t back and forth, quick, basic flat surface is ok

7.Tapping a baking tray and shock to the big air bubbles, in the preheated oven, 200 degrees, middle, up and down the fire, 10 minutes to the surface rendering beautiful yellow can be released (prior to preheat the oven, cake slice thin, baking time not too long. Can send light cream cake start baking)

8.After baking, filed at one end of the paper will be oiled paper and cake slices together to grill, four edges of the paper, and the cooling for a while (not to carry around the oiled paper on the grill, prevent crease, the surface of the roll out of cake roll surface is not smooth. After a little heat, surface cover without meaning on a clean surface of the paper to prevent moisture loss too much)

9.After cool cake, turn it over, covered with the paper tore cake at the bottom of the paper (because the volume is sent whipping cream, so cake to cool, otherwise the cream to melting)

10.Cut cake volume to begin start edge tidy, inclined cut at the end

11.Will be sent to starched whipping cream daub is on the piece of cake, between the thicker, terminal 2 — 3 cm

12.With a rolling pin rolls up the cake, oil paper put a refrigerator can be sliced in half an hour to taste good

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