Corn carrots sparerib soup

Haven't drink soup for a long time, when shopping yesterday saw very fresh sweet corn was unbearable, bought two recent heat, might as well to boil a pot of soup with sweet corn to comfort my poor appetite. This soup is good for the stomach and the effect of phlegm-heat type.. Corn can stop bleeding, diuresis and cholesterol; Carrot boc gas, jianwei wide digestion; Tomatoes can be thirst quenching, jianwei xiaoshi, qingrejiedu, cool blood flat liver and increase appetite; Pig bone is Yin and marrow and calcium. In general is a good a soup, you might as well try.

  • Pig big bone1 the root
  • Sweet corn2 the root
  • carrots1 the root
  • tomatoes
  • salt
  • ginger
  • Cooking wine
  • White vinegar,
  • water

1.Maize peel and wash cut after palpus

2.Peel the carrots, wash the cut

3.Wash wash tomatoes peel slices, ginger slices

4.Big bone to cold water to wash it twice, and then cold water into the pot add ginger and cooking wine to xing 1 cup water

5.Will be under water after the big bone scoop out and then wash with warm water, water control and set aside

6.Big bone and corn and ginger together into the pot, cold water into the pot, heat to boil after the change of heat for about 5 ~ 8 minutes

7.Add carrots

8.Drop a few drops of white vinegar to the release of calcium, and then turn a small fire boil for about 90 minutes

9.30 minutes before the pot put chopped tomatoes in a pot, and add 2 tablespoons of salt

10.Continue to small fire boil for 30 minutes, to become soft, tomato looked red can turn off the heat

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